Community Welfare Schemes

Community Welfare Schemes by Bahria town and Malik Riaz Hussain

Humanity is not just about working for self but also working for the interest of all the underprivileged people around the world. This is where people like Malik Riaz have often come forward to serve his bit for the humanity every now and then and even whilst being the 7th richest person around the country, he has led with example in all such acts.

Going by his vision of “quality living for all”, he has turned the dream of best housing schemes in the modern Pakistan into reality with all the hardcore efforts. All of his projects come to the service of the social and economic needs of the Pakistani community.

Community Welfare Schemes

All of these projects come with a sole motive of making the best living standards possible for a larger number of people in the country at the most nominal prices. Apart from providing the best and most luxurious housing schemes to all the people, they also serve to the underprivileged with a number of charitable initiatives in the process. Programs like Dastarkhawans, orphanage shelter, combined marriages, free health, free education and re-mission of the prisoners have been initiated in the recent years and millions have been benefitted from the same.

This further ensures the implementation of the general morals along with the basic values into a larger number of people. Moreover, the International standards have been followed during each and every projects and this is the reason these projects have been internationally acclaimed.

All of these projects have been directed in order to establish open and collaborative relationships with the local community members whilst offering all the state of the art facilities to them. This is the kind of support and assistance which will enable the community members to transform all the local communities into a better world. Malik Riaz Hussain, is all geared up to bring Pakistan as the first world nation with the wide support and love form the Pakistani citizens itself.

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